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A wedding content creator holding an iPhone and laughing
A girl with shoulder length curly brown hair smiles at the camera - the photo is a black and white portrait

As the designated content friend, I've been capturing the best memories of everyone I love for over 15 years. Now I capture those best memories on the best day of your life and yes...  it's absolutely the best job ever

The origin of Candid & Kate was a slow burn -  I started documenting all the behind the scenes moments at my best friends' weddings in 2021 and that same year I started sharing wedding content and building my community of over 100k on TikTok of amazing brides-to-be and wedding vendors alike.


There was one major wedding regret I personally lived through and kept seeing  from other couples - not having more (or any) quality behind the scenes videos and photos from this monumental life event I'd been planning and dreaming about for over 2 years. The handful of less polished, raw and candid clips I have from that day are still my favorite - I would give anything to have more of them! I knew bringing my content creation experience to the wedding world was the perfect solution for this gap so one beautiful wedding, a new last name, a two week honeymoon, some word of mouth gigs and one new corporate job later I finally found the time to sit down and officially launch Candid & Kate.

A wedding content creator holding an iPhone and laughing
A wedding content creator holding an iPhone and smiling while looking down at it
Candid & Kate Minnesota Wedding Content Creator brand monogram that says wedding memories captured candidly
a mad libs style questionnaire with details about Candid & Kate MN wedding content creator
Xoxo Kate graphic in red with light pink behind it to look like a sticker
Two girls holding aperol spritzes in yellow and blue dresses smiling for a photo


We're so excited to have Jenna as part of the Candid & Kate team. As a former 2023 bride, Jenna fell in love with everything weddings and with over 5 years of social media experience she's a perfect fit for our team. 


A monet painting in shades of soft sky blue, lavender and light pink

- Jenna's fiancé tore his Achilles tendon playing pickleball 1 week before their wedding so trust us when we say she  knows how to make the best of any wedding day situation.

- Jenna is obsessed with her 2 dogs (Prince and Pluto) so if you have your pup at your wedding day she'll make sure to get lots of videos of them!

- Jenna is a certified scuba divemaster so if you ever want to get married under the sea, she's definitely in.


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